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Mariwasa goes digital, launches Full HD tiles

MANILA – Mariwasa, the country’s leading ceramic tile manufacturer unveils its latest innovation that definitely sets a milestone in the industry, the launch of Mariwasa Full HD.

Recently showcased in 2014 WorldBEX, Mariwasa Full HD has easily gained popularity among design professionals and homeowners alike due to its hi-resolution image quality you would thought they’re taken out straight from nature and not as tile products until you touch them.

Initially available in wood, stone and rustic designs, Mariwasa Full HD is an avant-garde ceramic tiles that resemble real-life natural designs ideal for floor and wall applications whether in indoor or in outdoor setting. Mariwasa Full HD also enhances details and fine prints making any room scene or outdoor setup more beautiful and vibrant.

“Technology has advanced and consumers are now looking for products that exceed their expectations. We have been developing innovative tile products recently and we are very happy about the favorable feedback we have been receiving. Mariwasa has created demand for these high-value products and we have now a huge customer base that always look for something new and functional. In our effort to satisfy them, we are proud to introduce our latest product, the Mariwasa Full HD. Ceramic tiles have gone far from where it started, we can now produce designs reminiscent of nature with optimum resolution” says Jakkrit Suwansilp, vice-president for sales and marketing of Mariwasa Siam Ceramics, Inc.

Not only Mariwasa Full HD has this “hi-res” image quality, but also it offers greater variety and less repetition in the overall pattern similar in what you can find in nature.

Mariwasa Full HD is produced using digital Inkjet technology that allows random printing process and advanced glazing technology creating virtually indistinguishable tile products from natural wood or stone.

Mariwasa Full HD is now available in authorized Mariwasa distributors across the country at an introductory price of P72.00 per piece for 40×40 cm.

This year’s launch of Mariwasa’s innovative tile series is part of SCG’s 100 years celebration and an early surprise to its vast customer base for the tile brand’s 50 years anniversary to kick-off in 2015.

“Mariwasa Full HD is arguably the best tiles available in the market today”, added Mr. Suwansilp.

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