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Care and Maintenance


Ceramic tiles are one of the easiest surfaces to clean. However, the lifetime of the tiled surface also depends on how well it is cared for. To keep your tiles in tiptop condition, just follow these simple maintenance tips:
1. isolate the area to be cleaned.
2. to remove excess grout, construction dirt, and the residue of products used while installing, apply 3% muriatic acid solution and scrub with a nylon pad or fine bristle brush.
3. to remove stubborn stains and blemishes, apply 2% hydrochloric acid (HCl).
4. for flat surfaces, clean with a wash cloth, nylon brush, mop or sponge soaked in neutral cleaner such as detergent.
5. for textured surfaces, sweep and brush in two directions: first follow the pattern of the tile, then brush diagonally to ensure that all dirt is removed.
6. Rinse the surface once or twice with clean water and mop up excess water each time.
7. dry the surface thoroughly with a clean mop head to avoid leaving water stains and to increase shine.
8. let the surface dry first before allowing the resumption of traffic.



• Wait until the grout is fully cured, usually 14 to 21 days after installation, before rinsing with acid solution,
• Certain types of dirt (powder, sand) aggravate the abrasion caused by people’s feet. Therefore, you should clean the tiled surface regularly to avoid the accumulation of such dirt. You can prevent dirt from being brought inside by providing doormats at the entrance of rooms and buildings.
• Abrasive glazed floor tiles designed for increased slip resistance require more frequent cleaning than other glazed floor tiles. In maintaining these types of tiles, the trick is to change the cleaning solution often and to rinse the mopped area with clean water.


• Never wax tile surfaces. This will make dirt and stains adhere to the tile surface and make these difficult to remove.
• Do not use a metal brush or a scouring pad to clean the tiles. The rough material will scratch the tile surface and wear away the glaze reducing the protection for your floor surface and leading to the adherence of stains.

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