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Why Switch to Anti-slip Tiles?

There’s no place in the world like home, so it’s in your best interest to keep it as secure for your family as possible. Notorious for being one of the most common household hazards is slipping and tripping due to wet floors, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. A way of preventing this and ensuring your family’s safety is to select the type of tiles suitable for this specific concern. 



Known for its wide array of tile designs specifically made to cater to every Filipino family’s preferences and home needs, Mariwasa forwards the R-11 stone effect, an innovation that features rustic finish with an anti-slip function.

What does an R11 rating mean?

The “R” in R-11 stands for “ramp test” or the degree of slip resistance. This is the measure of the force required to move a subject on the tile surface. To illustrate the importance of slip resistance, you might observe how textured tiles are less slippery and often used for high traffic areas, while smoother, more slippery tiles are less likely to be used for outdoors and bathroom due to high slip risk. 









The R value ranges from 9 to 13, which can be summarized below:

  • Rating R9 – can tolerate less than 10° slope (minimal friction); suitable for internal application
  • Rating R10 – can tolerate 10° to 19° slope (normal friction); generally used for indoors, kitchens, living areas, corridors, etc.
  • Rating R11 & R12 – can tolerate 19° to 27° slope (normal friction); suitable for both wet and dry environments,  recommended for public, high traffic areas.
  • Rating R13 – can tolerate slopes more than 35° (very high friction); perfect for outdoors, poolside, public showers

It is, however, important to remember that no tile is slip proof despite how high the resistant rating may be. Despite this, being equipped with practical knowledge on slip resistance is immensely helpful the next time you shop for tiles.

Mariwasa Anti-Slip Tiles to Choose From

Being one of the most versatile series, Mariwasa R-11 tiles are suited for both wet and dry environments. Given its easy to clean feature and moderate to low slip risk,  these tiles are perfect for bathroom, kitchen, patio, car porch, stairs, pool deck, and barefoot areas that are frequently wet.

In terms of durability,  the R-11 series complies to the Philippine National Standard (PNS) in bending strength, water absorption, thermal shock, chemical resistance, crazing test, abrasion and stain resistance. Its production also adheres to lean manufacturing by using renewable fuel sources and recycling in-process wastes and defective tiles.


1. Rockwell Series (60×60)

The ROCKWELL Series is patterned after natural rock texture, with a  visual and tactile rustic finish. This classic design comes in neutral colors of grey, brown and ivory to easily blend in any room scene.


Suitable for: Hall | Living | Dining | Kitchen | Bedroom | Bathroom | Outdoor


Available colors: Grey, Brown, Ivory


2. Guijarro Series (40×40)

Simulating the natural texture of sand and tiny beach pebbles, the GUIJARRO Series evokes among its users a therapeutic reconnection with nature.

Suitable for: Hall | Kitchen | Bathroom | Outdoor | Pool


Available colors: White, Beige

3. Shield Series (30×30)

The SHIELD series is a geometric nature-inspired pattern and come in neutral colors of grey, brown, ivory, and ochre.  This stone design with a structured surface is perfect for use in outdoor and garage.














Suitable for: Kitchen | Bathroom | Outdoor | Pool


Available colors: Brown, Ivory, Grey, Ochre

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