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Choose the Right Tile Adhesive for a Perfect Bond

In the Philippines, many residential owners and contractors choose to use sand-cement mortar to bond tiles during tile applications. While on the surface level this seems more economical, this traditional practice has several setbacks that make it questionable in terms of cost-worthiness. Due to this, many professional tile setters now prefer and recommend the use of tile adhesives instead.

With several brands of tile adhesives available in the market, selecting the best adhesive can get a bit overwhelming. Tiling happens once in a blue moon, but it lasts for decades, and we do not want to risk investing with the wrong purchase.
At Mariwasa, we make sure that our products adhere to the International Organization of Standardization and the Philippine National Standard to give you only the best products that equates the worth of your hard-earned money.

With its newly improved formula, the regular tile adhesive perfectly fits in installing small size tiles on floor and wall. It has a thick consistency which is indicative of its bonding strength, and has high adhesion strength to avoid debonded tiles, making every tile installation cost-efficient.

The heavy duty tile adhesive has a high adhesion strength to avoid debonded tiles, and has a high tensile strength that can resist a lot of tension and allow the tile application to last long. These properties are perfect for big size applications on floor and wall, especially the non-absorptive tiles.

Choosing the right materials is vital for a strong foundation towards a safe and enjoyable living experience. Always go for a brand that sets the standard for quality.


Available in select home depot and tile stores. To check the list of our partner stores, click here.



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