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Tile Adhesive Features to Look For

With so many brands of tile adhesives in the market, selecting the best adhesive can get a bit overwhelming. Tiling happens once in a blue moon, but it lasts for decades. You do not want to risk investing with the wrong purchase. So what features should you look out for in selecting tile adhesive?


Tile application is already pretty taxing, so choose a brand of adhesive that promises fast and easy application. Always be guided by the instruction manual. Some adhesives only require adding water in specific measurements.






A good adhesive should have the perfect thick consistency, which is indicative of its bonding strength.





Another feature of a promising tile adhesive is its compatibility with not just floor tiles but also for wall application.  




Slip refers to the downward movement of a tile applied to a combed adhesive layer on a vertical surface. Find a slip-resistant adhesive, as this property will be pretty useful for wall and facade application.





To avoid debonded tiles, it is crucial to use an adhesive with high adhesion strength.





For regular adhesive, the standard tensile strength is greater than or equal to 0.5 MPa (megapascal).






A quality tile adhesive helps in making your tiles extra durable and less prone to breakage, which is common for tiles bonded using sand-cement.






Your adhesive should be able to withstand not just internal application but also the conditions for external areas of application






Lastly, choose a brand that does not compromise quality and break the bank.




If you’re looking for quality tile adhesive, choose a brand that you know you can trust.


MARIWASA TILE ADHESIVE REGULAR is a cementitious adhesive that comes in 25kg per bag for 5-6sqm of tiling area. This product underwent standard quality tests and conforms to ISO 13007-1. 


Mariwasa Tile Adhesive Mixing and Application

Pour a predetermined quantity of MARIWASA TILE ADHESIVE into a clean, non-absorptive material such as plastic pail or rubber bucket. Add five liters of clean tap water, then mix until smooth, lump-free paste is achieved. Do not mix by hand – always use a mechanical mixer to obtain a homogeneous paste.  Let it stand for 10 minutes and mix again before use. MARIWASA TILE ADHESIVE must be used within 3 to 4 hours.


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