Mariwasa to complete their Innovative Solutions 2012 Tile Collection with a Bang!

During the 17th Worldbex at The World Trade Center last March 16-18, 2012, Mariwasa launched its latest Tile Collection, Innovative Solutions. This collection offers an avant-garde ceramic tile series that answers the unmet needs of customers. This tile collection featured Mariwasa’s very first Scratch Free and Safety tile.

As the country’s leader in the ceramic tile industry, Mariwasa is very fervent in giving out what’s best for the society. This month, to complete their Innovative Solutions 2012 Tile Collection, the company is proud to introduce the additional set of techno-enhanced, eco-driven and alter-motif tiles that will surely give its customers the quality and superior living that they ought to have.

On this additional set of Innovative Solutions designs, Mariwasa unveils its latest wall tile size 20x40. The company is the very first local manufacturer to introduce this size in the domestic market. This unique wall tile size can help heighten up the conventional and fanciful corners of every Filipino home.

Included in this collection as well is the Modern Celadon, Mariwasa brought into tiles the cracked porcelain effect that a lot of customers are drooling about. This will come out in five different colors. Modern Celadon is recommended for bathroom, kitchen, outdoor and swimming pool usage.

Mariwasa Siam Ceramics also has this new innovative design called the Slim Tiles. The thickness of this new design is reduced from 10mm to 5mm without compromising its durability. This is perfect for tile over tile installation.

Added in the collection is the 2nd generation of Scratch Free and Safety Tiles. Scratch-free tiles have high resistance to scratch, making them suitable for medium to high traffic areas such as office work stations and lobbies. On the other hand, Safety Tiles have anti-slip technology which reduces the risk of accidents and falls. The customers can benefit from this newly improved and enhanced tile feature without additional cost.

And to finally complete the collection, Mariwasa offers their Illusion Tiles and High Definition Tiles. These new set of designs will surely give a wide array of structured and distinctive designs that will certainly serve every market segment’s needs and specifications.

"We believe that Filipino craftsmanship is world class. We don’t just offer products. We offer better living solutions to serve the growing demands of the market. To increase our competitive advantage over other imported tiles, we invest in continuous research and development programs to offer world-class quality ceramic tiles,” says Anukul Kongrit, President of Mariwasa Siam Ceramics, Inc.

This Innovative Solutions 2012 Tile Collection of Mariwasa is a proof that the company is dedicated on its commitment that they will serve uncompromising quality products to every Filipino family.


…an excerpt from the movie An Inconvenient Truth

We all live in ONE Planet. ONE Earth.
Sadly, we are doing more harm than good to our environment.
Be the change that we all seek.

Don’t let these disasters happen again…
Don’t let another “ONDOY” or “PEPENG” ravage our country.
Learn from our painful mistakes…

Be one with MARIWASA’s Vision…
Of bestowing future generation
a better place to live in.


“Committed to protect, conserve and enhance the environment for the future generations, MARIWASA is an active promoter of “Green Consumerism”.”

MARIWASA Wins Blue Sky Award
Its pioneering Zero Waste Renewable Energy Technology earned a feat from the prestigious BlueSky Award – a global program sponsored by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and International Technology Center for Sustainable Development. It’s a testament to MARIWASA’s commitment to lower its carbon emission and be one of the most energy-efficient ceramic tile industries in the world.

MARIWASA, a certified “Green Tile”
MARIWASA is the FIRST and ONLY local ceramic tile maker certified by the Green Choice Philippines and given an Eco-Label Seal of Approval.

Mariwasa receives UN award for renewable energy technology
Manila Bulletin December 13, 2009, 1:27pm

mariwasa blue sky awardMariwasa Siam Ceramics, Inc., a subsidiary of SCG Building Materials, was awarded the BlueSky Award 2009, a non-profit program that encourages the use of renewable energy in developing countries worldwide, sponsored by United Nations (UN).

Mariwasa’s winning renewable energy technology is entitled “Zero Waste Renewable Energy and Raw Materials from Rice Husk for Ceramics Industry.” It was presented at the BlueSky Award proceedings in China after the Shenzhen International Workshop on Renewable Energy Technology and Investment.

“Zero Waste Renewable Energy and Raw Materials from Rice Husk for Ceramics Industry” is a pioneering technology which supports Mariwasa’s and SCG’s sustainable development program. It uses rice husk to replace existing fossil-fuel-based liquefied petroleum gas and bunker fuel oil through gasification and combustion process. The waste ash coming from gasification and combustion process is re-processed to produce a higher value raw material for ceramic body powder production.

Mariwasa Siam Ceramics Inc. was represented by its president Surasak Kraiwitchaicharoen, VP for Manufacturing Jiraphat Oebchokchai, and VP for Finance and Administration Emilie B. Maramag.

Mr. Surasak received the BlueSky Awards during the announcement while Mr. Jiraphat presented the technology and its benefits for evaluation of the committee panel of experts.
BlueSky Awards 2009 was sponsored by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and the International Technology Promotion Center for Sustainable Development (UNIDO-ITPC), which is based in Shenzhen, China.

The top 10 renewable energy projects were judged by an international panel of experts on renewable energy. They will be promoted worldwide through websites, newsletters, and other publications and meetings of UNIDO, ITPC, other UNIDO International Technology Center, and investment and technology promotion centers.

This year’s BlueSky Award received 50 technology entries from around the world. After a strict evaluation and selection, 20 technologies from the US, Australia, Japan, China, Taiwan, and the Philippines qualified for the final competition, covering such fields as solar energy, wind energy, ocean energy, and biomass energy.

Green Choice

green choice Goals and Objectives
• To guide consumers to choose products that are environmentally sound;
• To encourage manufacturers to adopt processes and supply products that have less adverse environmental impacts.
• To use the label to empower consumers and complement the government’s policy.

Access to Philippine Green Building Council, Phil. Institute of Supply Management and the Green Purchasing Alliance Movement.
Benefit from the government’s Executive Order No.301, Green Procurement Program for all departments, bureaus, offices and agencies. They will buy and procure only Green Labelled Products.
Access to Philippine Green Building Council, Phil. Institute of Supply Management and the Green Purchasing Alliance Movement.
Recognition of compliance to international standards – the Green Choice Seal is based on ISO 14024 series, Type I Ecolabelling.
Recognition in other countries. Green Choice Phils. is a member of the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN).

1. The product shall comply with the Philippine National Standards, PNS ISO 13006/2007 Specification.
2. The production process of the product shall meet the requirements of all applicable environmental laws and regulations.
3. The manufacturer shall reduce the greenhouse gases (GHG) or carbon dioxide emission of their product through the use of renewable energy and carbon dioxide sequestration program(s) like tree planting.
Reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) or carbon dioxide emission from fuel by 8% on year 2010, 31% by 2011 and 38% by 2012.

green choice flow chart