Mariwasa 2018 tile collection

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For more than 50 years, Mariwasa tiles have been making a difference in every home with its uniqueness and character that breathes life to every wall and floor area.
Mariwasa’s 2018 tile collection is a fusion of ideas of different generations from gen X to millennials. It captivates the distinct taste of society’s diverse clientele with its timeless, modern and stunning natural designs.
Mariwasa tiles are a perfect choice to make your wall and floor area an awesome

Luxurio Porcelain Tiles

2018 Tile Collections

Coping up with today’s trends, Mariwasa has found ways to give people elegant and luxurious alternatives for their beloved spaces, offering Glazed Porcelain Tiles with high-end designs and affordable prices.


Mariwasa, your partner for generations, is breaking boundaries to spruce up any floor and wall space – in the bathroom to living room, kitchen, etc. Combining technology and style, Mariwasa’s 2017 tile collection is an explosion of varied colors and designs that would transform your space from mundane to exceptional.

50th Anniversary TILE COLLECTION.

Mariwasa’s 50th year
celebration is not complete without the launch of our latest tile collection. As we commemorate our most
special milestone, we are proud to bring you the newest tile designs grouped into three avant-garde sub-themes namely Morphology, Indie-fluence and Innotherapy which
primarily caters to different facets of modern urban consumers.

Mariwasa Full HD Collection

*High Precision Design

*Picture-perfect colors

*Well-defined textures

*Random print pattern


Mariwasa always brings fresh ideas from home improvement thru its wide array of tile collections that qualify to the discriminating taste of end-users. Indeed, product variety and innovation set Mariwasa apart from the rest of the members of the industry

Innovative solutions 2.0

Where design edge meets functionality, and take a break with styles in fusion with the sunlight, warm beaches and the evergreens, while keeping the beat alive with sophisticated yet elegant designs.

2012 Innovative Solutions

Mariwasa has kept its promise to its customers, that is to find better ways to exceed their expectations. In this latest Tile Collection, Innovative Solutions offers an avant-garde ceramic tile series that answer to customers’ unmet needs through Mariwasa’s pioneering ceramic tile technology and in-depth research of the domestic market.